Fri, 22 April 2022

The Gelephu Landmark water flagship project targeting to benefit a population of 83,542 from the 12MLD (12 million litres per day) capacity water treatment plant, with an estimated cost of Nu. 477 million was launched on 22nd April, 2022 by His Excellency the Minister for Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (MoWHS).

The De-Suung National Service in collaboration with MoWHS and Gelephu Thromde will achieve the project by 22nd October, 2023 which will benefit the entire Gelephu Thromde, parts of Gelephu and Samtenling Gewogs.

Today Gelephu Thromde has three different water sources (Mouchhu, Passangchhu and borewells) yet the drinking water supply becomes erratic every monsoon when the rivers swell and during the dry seasons.

However, with the completion of the Landmark water flagship project, Gelephu Thromde as well as some parts of the two Gewogs will get 24 hours drinking water supply. For the period of 30 years the drinking water will be of no issue.