The Division is primarily responsible for construction and maintenance of all urban infrastructures in line with the approved structure plan and local area plans within the Thromde jurisdiction and ensure quality urban infrastructure facilities, carry out planned development activities in consistent with the government policies and public expectations addressing ground reality,enhance quality and cost effective works through improved construction management and ensure that the works are implemented in accordance with the engineering standards, codes, guidelines etc.

Infrastructure Development Division is responsible for:

  • new water connection
  • Temporary water connection
  • water reconnection
  • water supply complaint management
  • water meter reading, reading updates and bill generation
  • distribution of water bills
  • collection of water tariff
  • Handle infrastructure related complaint
  • maintenance of urban roads
  • Handle street light complaints
  • Development of Thromde wide electrical  infrastructure
  • Maintenance of street lighting
  • Urban infrastructure development
  • clearing of bill
  • New sewer line connection