» To be a vibrant regional growth center with access to economic avenues and a recreational hub with ample of interlinked green open spaces for leisure and sports.


» To promote special economic zones (Urban corridor, multi-mode transit hub, dry port, industrial service center) through modern art of technology;

» To develop organized web of connectivity for greener public transport, cycling track, walking trails, footpaths, recreational parks, sporting venues, picnic spots, elderly retreat space and gender friendly public rest room;

»  To render cost effective and sustainable services to the urban communities.

Formal Mandates

» To provide a democratic and accountable government for local communities;

» To ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner;

» To encourage the involvement of communities and community organizations in matters of local governance;

» Discharge any other responsibilities as may be prescribed by the laws made by the Parliament.


» Towards this end, Gelephu Thromde is committed to:

1. Infuse the values and principles of Gross National Happiness as the foundation for all development plans.

2. Create sufficient capacity to ensure self reliance in priority sectors for Bhutans development such as sufficient safe drinking water, access to sewerage lines connectivity, recreational facilities, safe trafic and parking spaces, etc…

3.  Enhance the quality of services for the renewal and growth by working closely with the community and industry, and serve as a quality service centre.


» Inorder to have our objectives and mission accomplished some of the strategies gelephu thromde opt to carry out include:

1.   As a significant centre of high quality services, we value extending high quality services to the communities, which leads to enhanced creativity, innovations, dynamism and safe living environment.

2.   As a Service Provider, we value engaging with the commmunity to provide professional and technical supports. We also value standards, quality and relevance of our plans and activities.


» The following core values will be hallmark of the Gelephu Thromde in pursuit of the Mission:

1. Professionalism

2. Accountability

3. Fairness

4. Creativity and Innovation

5. Community Services